Attached is the application for a continuous bond, as well as instructions for filling out if helpful. The bond company we use is Avalon, and you can do this one of two ways:

  • Complete and sign the application (see instructions in documents below) and scan back to Hybrid. Avalon will then prepare the bond and necessary filing documents and mail to you for your signature. They will include instructions for return mailing so that Avalon may then file with Customs. Or…
  • Complete and sign the application. For quicker turn-around, also complete the Signature Scanning Template authorizing Avalon to scan your signature electronically on the Customs Bond documents so that your Continuous Bond may be filed without delay. Scan and return both documents to Hybrid.

Either of these is fine, and allows for compliance with customs signature requirements.

B100 – Customs Bond Application.pdf


B100 – Customs Bond Application.doc


Completing Bond App Instructions.pdf


Signature Scanning Template.pdf