Dear clients: Very frequently clients ask me how to insure that their competition cannot easily locate their suppliers as well as their customers. There is not a full proof way, but there is a way to make it difficult. There are services out there that get data from shipment manifests that show your name, your suppliers, and your customers.   Many freight forwarders have used this data for years to find potential clients. Today though, these services are much cheaper, and many businesses subscribe simply for the purpose of watching what their competitors are doing. The attached document will insure that your data is much harder to get hold of. As I said, there is not a “full proof” method, as there are other places to get much of the same data such as customs records….yet many importers are not aware of these resources or will not go to this much trouble. This document has to be filled out by the importer of record, and must be renewed every 24 months. My suggestion is to set a reminder to yourself in your calendar 22 months from now to renew your Confidential Treatment. Any questions please contact your Hybrid representative. With the attached sample document we have prepared for you to use, this should take less than 5 minutes to get your company set up.

Confidential Treatment Request Sample Letter.doc

Confidential Treatment Request.doc